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We would like to offer our property in a beautiful location near Dresden to a Buddhist Sangha and are looking for possible interested parties for this offer.
I – Joe and my partner Gabriele have connections to some traditions and are not fixed  to any particular group. Even with the question whether Theravada or Mahayana ? – we have a certain affinity to Nyingma but we are also open there. We value Zen, Theravada and Vajrayana, but also modern teachers like Stephan Betchelor and Akincano.

So how do we find a sangha, a teacher who wants to accept our offer ?
We are happy to be surprised and hereby formulate this somewhat unusually unspecific offer to all those who are looking for a place to establish a Buddhist retreat place.

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About Joe:
 (*1972) I have been on a Buddhist path for 20 years. First Zen, then div. Western and Eastern teachers also some Adveita. Now I had the question what to do with the 2nd stage of life. (Gabi’s 3 children are grown up and since a few years independent) I had even considered to give up my relationship and go to a monastery. I feel much more at home in Buddhist monasteries than in other places.
In 2016 I spent 3 months in the Theravada monastery in Paauk (Myanmar), during which I considered going to Asia for a longer period of time.  The answer was : ” incarnation does not make mistakes ” and ” there is a reason that I am incarnated in the West “. Some 3 month retreat is allowed to me, but basically I would have something to do there (in Europe).
3 years later I sit for 14 days in Darnkow ( Poland – khordong ). I am alone in the monastery, because all have surprisingly left for Asia because a great master has died. I am snowed in and there is no car coming up here and I am not coming down either.  In the course of the silent sitting on this day, an impressively clear vision came to me about my property and about what my task with it would be.
I should offer it to a Buddhist lineage – also single details were shown to me, other important questions remained open. The experience had a very loving ton and clarity.

About the property:
It is one of the most beautiful properties in the near vicinity of Dresden. It is located in a dreamlike solitary location, outside the village of Weistropp and behind our house the road ends at the edge of the forest as a dead end. We have in 5min car distance the SBahn stop Niederwartha with which one is in only 15min at the main station Dresden. There are 3ha land and 3 Gebeude. The house is renovated and inhabited, I am building a small house annex for myself.

Foundation / donation / land register:
At the latest after the documentary ” Wild Wild County ” ( Netflix ) about the rise and fall of the Osho community is clear how easy it is to burn enormous amounts of money for a supposedly ideal goal. Also in Buddhism there are examples of incompetence in worldly things as mentioned in the book “Broken Buddha: Plea for a New Buddhism” by Shravasti Dhammika. I mention this here only to indicate that I am well aware of the difficulties and the challenge.

my motivation :
My wish is to provide a place for Buddhist practice for future generations.
I wish that people who want to learn and practice meditation can do so without financial burden. I like Zen but if 10 days of “emptiness” costs 1200€, then we have imported Buddhism into a western seminar culture which is fundamentally repugnant to me.
I have the luck to know Stephan Betchelor a little bit and could discuss with him once about the question if we need something like monasteries in Europe. He denies that and I am in the question not his opinion even if I can well nachvolzihen. That Buddhism has survived 2300 years is also due to the institution of Buddhism. To offer people a free space for meditation I think is a very good idea. The fact that the Vipassane courses in Germany are overcrowded shows me the great need for it. The methodology, set and setting are very good, only the dogmatic S. N. Goenka cult and the strong separation from other Buddhist schools I find less attractive.
I like the approach of the Bodhicharya in the Kinzigstr. in Berlin where different schools offer their retreats and Darma Talks.

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The meadow ( green ) and the area with the trees and houses are the property in question. In the back of the viewer there is another plot of land of about 0,5 ha that was once half vineyard and half forest.

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This map shows the property as we bought it in 2008:
30.000 m2