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As the new owner, we would like a stable legal form such as a monastery or foundation. This place should support as many people as possible to learn meditation, to practice and to listen to Dharma lectures. It would be desirable that this is made possible according to the Dhana principle. While we enjoy modern liberal voices in relation to the Darma, we are more conservative in terms of organization and Hirachienen. This means that we consider grassroots democracy a good thing in itself, but unsuitable for a Spiritual Center. The leadership should clearly lie with the Spiritual Direction.
Also we – the 2 people offering the place will give everything into the hands of the Spiritual Leadership after the transfer. Only a
lifelong right of residence on the property we want to register.

To a Buddhist group that wants to start a rereat place near Dresden. We do not want to limit it to any tradition at the moment.

The property is currently valued at around 450,000 €. In the last 15 years, approx. 250,000 € of renovation costs have flowed into the property. In relation to the total area of all areas that can be used as living space, this is a renovation level of about 50%. The property with house could be used partly as a center or completely. This results in very different sums.  If a sangha is interested, we can discuss the concept of use and a cost plan together. In case of a full takeover of the property, about 500.000€ will be necessary for the purchase of the other parts and the renovation.  Please do not be deterred by this, the money does not necessarily have to come from the Sangha itself, which runs the place.

Different from refurbished to unrefurbished. I am a self-employed carpenter and I dare to take responsibility for planning and construction supervision.

if everything is renovated: approx. 800m2 in 4 buildings

Depends very much on space requirements, there are about 3 apartments with kitchen and bathroom and potentially 5 small rooms for guests and an attic for mattress storage.
This means it will not be a place for large retreats. The place would be more suitable for 5-10 people to go on longer retreats.
In good weather large sangha meetings on the lawn are possible.  For this purpose there are already toilets and an extra kitchen in planning.

Fiber optics are being installed, so despite the location alone, there is fast internet. There is a fully ecological constructed wetland and we are connected to the drinking water network. There is an own well on the property which has fully supplied the house until 2020.

I’ve really been asked that ;).    Money has never been an issue for me. I can always work in my job and have if I want the least demands.  So if I want to do a retreat for 10 years, I could finance it. I understand the work on such a project as my sadana, my spiritual task.  I am very grateful for everything I have received on the path so far and from this arises the natural need to pass something on.

Joe: yes rather a variant, then we would bequeath it. It’s kind of a plan B, but once you’ve been here and seen how beautiful it is and how quiet it is, you understand why we think it’s a perfect place for a retreat center.

Joe : I see myself in the role of the handyman/caretaker and I am quite good at organizing, building websites and managing members ( technically ).  So I would like to take care of the mundane aspects of the place and make it thrive. Although I have meditated for many hours, I would prefer to leave the guidance of meditation to others unless there is a mandate to do so.
Gabi: I have lived in several communities and feel very connected to the place. I love to cook outdoors and make everyone feel comfortable.

Joe : I have been traveling through different traditions for over 20 years. Yes, it is true that if you want to dig a well, you should dig deep in only one place. But I also know people who have been digging in one place for over 20 years and it’s not exactly gushing water. So I decided to go around with all the advantages and disadvantages. Even though I found the conditions in Myanmar / Theravada very good, the next time I would probably look at monasteries in Korea. As for the teachers – yes there were and are some but none of them are in the mood for a 2nd center right now.
Also, I have experienced in recent years that the better solutions come when I do not develop plans from my ego, but formulate a desire inwardly and then send something into the world and see what comes back.

Joe: for me, teaching and financing are 2 different things.  If a teacher feels called by the place, then I would work out a concept and an expose with him.  That would look something like this :
Description of the place and the vision. One third will be donated by us, 2/3 will need to be purchased.  Redevelopment costs must also be acquired.  If the amount the project needs comes about it can begin. If not, at least it was an attempt. Williges Jäger found a benefactor for his Benediktushof, why should not someone be found for this project ?