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Like so many people, I had a list of things I wanted to achieve in this life. I have achieved a lot, I have failed with some things and one thing is still missing: I would like to give my property to a Buddhist community.
This is a house with land near Dresden. 10.000m2 of land and a house with some outbuildings in a dreamlike solitary location near Dresden. A Buddhist meditation and retreat centre may arise there.
The house and land should be transferred as a donation to a foundation or corporation, this could be done in the next few years. The current market value of the property is about 100.000€. For about 10 years I have been giving my free time and my financial means to the project.
2005 : Purchase of the property together with my sister and her husband
2015 : division of the object in 2 parts : the 2nd satellite photo shows my part, the 3rd satellite photo the whole property (3ha). My sister and husband agree with the project ” Buddhist community ” in their direct neighbourhood.
2015 My sister, her husband and son move from Dresden to the main house
2015 Construction of a biological treatment plant.
2016 Dredge the barn 1m deep and pour concrete floor slab.
1017 Connect barn to sewage, water and electricity.
2018 Demolish outbuildings and build a new one
2019 Inner courtyard with natural stone paving
2020 9000 L Rainwater cistern and car park
Schedule :
2022 : move into the newly built outbuildings (until now we lived in the construction trailer in summer – in winter in Dresden)
2022 Design of the areas around the houses

During a 14 day retreat in 2018 at Darnkow Monastery ( Poland, Nyingma ) the decision was made to dedicate the property to such a purpose.
I have been on a Buddhist path for 20 years. It started with Zen, then various western and eastern teachers came. In retrospect I am very grateful to have met so many teachers. It was a time of intense, passionate spiritual search, which now seems to end in this form. 2012-2014 I was travelling in India, Nepal and Myanmar and was able to get to know various places and monasteries. I need less and less and I was very satisfied with the meager conditions in a Theravada monastery in Myanmar.

I feel a deep gratitude towards Buddha, Dharma and Sangha and the traditions. I also have no special wish which tradition will accept my offer. It will come true like everything else. My wish is to offer future generations a place for practice that is somewhat freer from the material constraints that are so dominant here in the West. And so I am now looking for future owners and people who are interested in the project.


The meadow ( green ) and the area with the trees and houses are the property in question. In the back of the viewer there is another plot of land of about 0,5 ha that was once half vineyard and half forest.

Who still lives there at the square ?

The 3 hectare property was purchased in 2005 by me and my sister and her family.
We divided up the property: 1/3 is in my possession, including 1 hectare of land, the barn and other outbuildings. 2/3 are in the possession of my sister and her husband, including 2 hectares of land and the house. The house is completely renovated and is occupied by the two of them and their 7-year-old son. In the attic there is a flat which is not used at the moment.

In what condition are the buildings ?

The main building, a former barn, is not yet habitable. Basic construction work has already been carried out:
Excavating the ground, pouring the floor slab, strengthening the foundations, connecting the electricity, water and sewage.
The question of future use is now before the further interior construction. Many things are still possible.
I am a self-employed carpenter and joiner with a joinery in Dresden and I am confident that I can take responsibility for planning and construction supervision.

What are the conditions for the donation ?

We ( Joe + Gabriele ) would like to keep a lifelong right to live on the farm.
In order to make the project possible, we will only build a small building for us (different from the original plan) with the size of 9m x 6m. After our death, this building will also become the property of the Buddhist community.
As the new owner we wish to have a stable legal form like a monastery or a foundation.
This place should support as many people as possible in their need to learn meditation, practice and listen to Dharma lectures. It would be desirable that this is made possible according to the Dhana principle, i.e. that this space remains free from the compulsion to make profits or pay interest for decades.
We are open to all traditions.

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What are the estimated costs for the renovation ?

On average a renovation costs about 1400€ / m². With a very high proportion of own work and the reuse of used materials, you may end up with 300€ / m².  The total costs are therefore between 50.000 and 100.000 €.
Perhaps more interesting are the costs that arise to live at the simplest level in the house (electricity, floors, walls, windows and doors). That should be feasible for 20.000.

To whom is the offer addressed ?

To get the land for a Sangha Centre as a gift is certainly a nice start. But there is still a lot of work to do. The number of Buddhist groups in Dresden and in Germany is increasing and if this development continues, there will be more demand for retreat and meditation centres.
We are not in a hurry. We now know where we are going to build a small house for us on the property and we have full confidence that everything else will fit together in a wonderful way, piece by piece, just like life does when you let it.









This map shows the property as we bought it in 2005:
30.000 m2


10.000m2 my property and now potential “shanga-space”



White : the shanga-space
Grey : my sister & husband