joe-at-kopan-2013-200While on a 14-day retreat in Darnkow Monastery (a Tibetan Buddhist Nyingma monastery in Poland) some significant insights unfolded for me about what I wish to do with my life. What became clear was that I want to give my house and its grounds to a Buddhist lineage.

I have been on a Buddhist path for 20 years. For a long time the prime focus was Zen, but then I started to work with a diverse range of Western and Eastern teachers.

In retrospect I am grateful to have met so many teachers. It was a time characterised by a passionate spiritual quest that now seems to have come to a completion. This completion occurred over the course of 2012-2013 when I was in India, Nepal, and Myanmar visiting Buddhist sacred sites and monasteries.

Something I have learned on my path is that I am always happy to love with less. For example, I lived in very meagre conditions during a retreat at a Theravada monastery in Myanmar, sleeping on just a wood panel without a mattress, and was very satisfied with life! So, I asked myself, why have a house of 3 x 70m2, plus surrounding buildings?

I count myself as one of the group of mystics and yogis who always kept a distance from the major religious organizations. My focus has always been on the mystical core, the experience of awakening from which all the lineages and religions originally developed. I find the lineages and traditions themselves to be like lampshades – providing shade from the light. Some of them throw it up, some down. Some are very colourful, some plain.

I feel called now to devote my work, my time, my property and the house to the Dharma and so the project is seeking a new owner and people who are interested to contribute.

Further details:
The land is about 10.000 m2, with a house in dreamlike position near Dresden. The market value at the moment is likely between 50,000€ – 500,000USD. Several thousand euros have already been spent on various construction projects for the house (one example is a biological wastewater treatment).

I was able to acquire the property, which amounts to 3 hectares, in 2005 together with my sister and her partner. We shared the land, with her and her partner taking 2/3 (amounting to 2 hectares) and me taking the remaining 1/3 (about 1 hectare). The house was successfully rehabilitated and it now serves as a home for my sister and her partner, and their 7-year-old son, Elias.

My building is not currently habitable. It used to be a barn, and it requires the following work: Bottom dredge, casting baseplate, reinforce foundations, connect electricity, water and sewage.

Now the question has come up as to what it will actually be used for.
My Elan is further available to renovate the house. I am self-employed as a carpenter and have a carpentry shop in Dresden.

Me and my partner would like to have lifelong right of abode, and I can imagine that we could, at the right time, move to an outbuilding to leave the main house free.






Gole-Lageplan-groß- gole-maps-0



Diese Karte Zeigt das Grundstück so wie wir es 2005 gekauft haben :
30.000 m2


10.000m2 mein Grundstück und nun potentieller “shanga-space”



Grau : Teil der Fläche die zum anden Haus gehört.